Everyone dream of a beautiful smile, and straight teeth is a complement to it. How to straighten teeth? Instead of wearing braces, there are three options for you to choose depending on your needs.



Bonded lingual retainers fixed retainers which attached with dental cement to the inner surface of your teeth, preventing your teeth from shifting as time goes by. This will help to correct your bite, and at the same time straighten your teeth. It is a good long-term solution, but you can’t remove the retainers yourself for repair or relief.

Meanwhile, there are removable retainers such as Howley retainers that made from wires and acrylic which are formed according to the shape of your mouth based on a dental impression. Removable retainers are excellence choice for those who are trying to correct their smile appearance. They can remove the retainers during special events.



Herbst appliance can straighten your teeth by correcting the imperfections at your jaw. This appliance helps your lower jaw to develop forward, thus enables the upper jaw and lower jaw meet. There is a metal extension in this appliance that attaches to the molar, connecting the upper and lower jaws. Normally, you will need to wear this appliance for one year, allowing the orthodontist to shift your lower jaw into the correct position gradually.

Another appliance used to straighten teeth without braces is headgear. It can help to correct upper teeth in your child, which caused excessive overbite. This appliance will apply pressure to your child’s upper teeth and jaw, moving them into position concurrently.


Palatal Expanders

In the case of child’s mouth has not enough room for his future grown teeth, your orthodontist may install palatal expander to widen the arch of his upper teeth. The palatal expander is fastened to the upper molar, the orthodontist will then turn a screw at the centre, placing pressure to left and right halves of your child’s upper jaw gradually. This will cause extra bone grown between halves, making room for your child’s teeth to move into correct position.