Tooth enamel is a thin outer layer that protect the tooth crown. This thin shell is the hardest tissue found in human body. The core function of tooth enamel is to protect your teeth from daily activities’ impact, such as biting, grinding, chewing, and crunching. However, tooth enamel still exposes to the risk of being break, wear or chip, which lead to tooth decay, fracturing, and tooth loss.


One common cause of tooth enamel wear away happens is the presence of plaque in your mouth. Plaque is a thin sticky film, comprising of saliva, food particles, and saliva. It will accumulate either between your teeth, around your cavity fillings, or along your gum line. The plaque bacteria will produce acid when it feeds on sugar contain in your food. this acid will eat your tooth enamel gradually, causing pits on your teeth surface. A simple indicator that shows tooth enamel erosion is when your teeth appear yellowish. There are also a few reasons that will cause tooth erosion instead of plaque:


  1. Certain medications
  2. Frequent consumption of soft drinks
  3. Acid reflux disease
  4. Low salivary flow
  5. Genetic predispositions


The human body self-restoration mechanism is marvellous. Your cut nails and hair will grow back, and if you have a broken bone, it will self-repair. But your tooth enamel can’t restore as other tissues in your body. It is not a living tissues, hence it is impossible to regenerate or artificially regrown.


This doesn’t mean it is the end of the day. There are still some dental products that can help to restore your tooth enamel in another way. There are certain toothpastes or dental products which are rich in calcium and phosphates can remineralized your tooth, thus harden your tooth enamel. Meanwhile, fluoride in these products will captures the calcium and phosphates that drown out by acid. Another option is to visit your dentist. Your dentist will do necessary examination before giving you recommendations on tooth enamel protection.